Signs your loved one needs a professional caregiver

Medical caretaker helping senior woman
It can be tough to make the decision whether aging loved ones need more help or elderly care services, but there are some signs to watch for. While it may seem that you are usurping their autonomy, the assistance provided by senior home care may improve overall quality of life for your loved one significantly.

Some signs that you need a professional caregiver include these:

Difficulty Maintaining Home

One of the first signs that an older person needs help is the condition of their home: is it cluttered or ill-maintained? Some neglected home repairs and chores could put elderly at risk; some seniors may be reticent to ask for help due to pride or fear of losing their independence.

Personal Hygiene

Poor or declining personal hygiene may be another sign that you need to hire a professional caregiver for assistance. This can be a difficult conversation and intervention to have with and for your elderly loved one- do so tactfully and lovingly.

Issues Surrounding Driving

Many clients initially reach out to caregivers for senior living home care due to their loved one’s issues with driving. Driving represents independence to many; to lose the ability to drive can be tough.

Weight Changes
Another sign to watch for are changes in your loved one’s weight. This may indicate that your loved one is forgetting to eat or is confused regarding preparing and shopping for their meals. Make sure to take them to their doctor to rule out any underlying medical issue. Next, take a peek in their cupboards and refrigerator to get to the root of the issue.

Forgetfulness or Confusion
Confusion and memory issues are another reason why many reach out for elderly in-home care for a loved one. These signs could be a symptom of an issue, like dementia, or even a sign of an illness or infection. If left unaddressed, this confusion could lead to problems with medication. Is your loved one missing any medicines? Perhaps they are forgetting to take it as prescribed; a personal caregiver typically monitors and administers medication, too.  

Fall Risk
Has your loved one recently experienced a fall? Falls are a major cause of disability among seniors- and many never recover. A caregiver can curb fall risks around the home and assist clients in ways that reduce the possibility of a fall-related injury.

Trouble Keeping Appointments
Does your loved one miss important appointments? A professional caregiver can help! They can make sure that the client schedules, prepares for, and attends appointments on-time.

Social Withdrawal and Loneliness
As people age, some may withdraw socially. A caregiver can be an important social interaction that the client comes to enjoy. Loneliness can have significant consequences on health and wellbeing. A caregiver provides someone to talk to that can be trusted.

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