Senior Talk with Miekka Zanders

Our most recent guest on Senior Talk is Miekka Zanders with Morningstar at Bear Creek. Miekka brings years of experience as a social worker who helped senior communities develop comprehensive programs to serve those with Dementia. She brings this expertise and her passion to help support seniors to Morningstar at Bear Creek.

MorningStar Memory Care at Bear Creek offers an all inclusive care solution Seniors in Colorado Springs with Dementia. With some of the most picturesque views in Colorado Springs, we provide our community seniors with compassionate and specialized care

Miekka also shares a little with our audience about her book: “Being with Dementia”. In her book, Miekka reminds us about the importance of being present when spending time with any loved one, and the power that can bring when caring for those with Dementia. You can find Being with Dementia on Amazon.