Senior Caregiver Resources

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Caregivers face many challenges when it comes to caring for seniors who might be unable to care for themselves. This being the case, it is important to be aware of some of the available resources for caregivers, so you can obtain support when necessary, and you can provide whatever services are required by your loved one. Some of the most useful resources for caregivers are listed below.

Important resources for caregivers: 

AARP Family Caregiving

AARP offers several free guides to caregivers, including legal checklists and a wealth of information about care options. It also has established an online community which is used by caregivers of all types, and can be extremely helpful in a number of different situations.

National Institute on Aging

This is one branch of the National Institute on Health, and it provides tons of online information regarding health issues for the elderly, and how they should be dealt with. There is an entire section available that provides information on how to manage serious health issues an elderly individual may face.

Alzheimer’s Association

This organization provides both information and support for seniors afflicted with this disease, as well as the primary caregivers responsible for their care. It provides a 24-hour helpline which can be invaluable in a crisis, or even under normal circumstances, and the organization offers a number of tools for coping with Alzheimer’s.

American Cancer Society

If you have a loved one with cancer, this organization will help you to cope with providing care for them. The Society offers a wide variety of educational information, videos, and other materials designed to support the family which has a cancer victim. 

Hospice Foundation of America

For any family that has a member in the final stages of life, the Hospice Foundation can provide a tremendous source of support and information. They offer a great deal of advice and some recommendations for how to deal with this very difficult time for all family members.

National Association of Home Builders

This organization specializes in home modifications that can be crucial for allowing seniors to stay at home, rather than having to re-locate to an assisted living facility. By making a few simple improvements around the household to accommodate a senior family member, it can allow them to remain at home, where 90% of all seniors prefer to live out their days.


This organization provides medical care for individuals who have limited assets or income. Unlike Medicare, it can also help pay for long-term care for seniors, for instance nursing home care. Since Medicaid coverage is different in every state, you’ll need to contact your state representative to discuss coverage for your senior loved one.
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