Regular Exercise is Important for Seniors

Caregiver with senior man lifting weights

Staying in good physical shape can help keep you strong, flexible and maintain good balance. It can help you avoid falls, disabling injuries and reduces risk of disease. Keeping your brain engaged can help ward off dementia as well as a positive mood. When you are not active, it’s very easy to feel unhappy and lack motivation.

We’re always happy to share activities for seniors living in Colorado Springs to keep your brain and your body in good shape. Some include:

Any kind of exercise. 

LiveStrong suggests physical activity at least 30 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be anything intense or painful either, such as a walk. It’s also OK if your session is broken up into two 15-minute sessions (or maybe two 20-minute sessions?)

Plenty of puzzles.

Anything that challenges your mind is a good thing, and word and number puzzles are easy whether they’re in books or on your computer or phone.

Sit less. 

The Centers for Disease Control said that too much sitting can actually be a bad thing. Although sometimes it can’t be avoided, you can look for opportunities to stand occasionally, walk around the room or hallway, keeping the circulation in your legs going. All of this can boost your brain power too. If this isn’t possible due to mobility issues or health condition, there are still a variety of exercises that can be done in a chair or wheelchair.

Plenty of Rest.

It sounds funny to say that more sleep can help us stay active as we grow old(er), but regular sleep patterns can do amazing things. It helps your body stay refreshed and alert and keeps you from feeling fatigued. Research into brain performance also shows that the brain helps clean itself while you’re sleeping, and poor sleep doesn’t get this maintenance.

Look at your diet.

Some foods can affect your body negatively and positively. We’ll be happy to help you and your family find the right food choices, and portions, for what your body needs to perform well. One of the best combinations out there to achieve optimal health at any age is eating well and exercising well.

A little mental and physical exercise does the body good.  Find your own way to move around, stay active and enjoy good health for years to come.
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