New Year’s Resolutions for Seniors

Clock and notebook with New Year Resolution list

There’s a very good reason for listing your New Year resolutions, especially for seniors, because it can provide a sense of purpose in your life. That means you’ll be less likely to become depressed during the coming year, you’ll learn more about your personal health and wellness, and you’ll be much less likely to become isolated and lonely. Gentle Shepherd Home Care provides Colorado Springs in-home senior care, and we are well aware of the positive effects that sticking to your new year resolutions can have on senior care. 

Here are some possibilities you might want to consider for your own resolutions.

Get your finances in order 

It’s not morbid to consider the fact that you’re in an aged stage of life, and that makes it more likely that you could take a sudden turn of ill health. It’s best to be prepared for such events, so you should make a point of getting your finances in order, and be sure of how you want things handled after your passing. If you don’t have a will, you should prepare one so your assets make it into the right hands. It is known that 30% of Americans 65 and older don’t have an estate plan, so you should put this on your list of resolutions as well. Appoint a power of attorney, and prepare a document which identifies your wishes in case of terminal illness.

Try a new hobby 

When you learn new things, it increases your cognitive health and helps to defer any chance of dementia. It will also increase your daily enjoyment, because you’ll have something to work on each day, and it will give you a reason for staying active and involved. Even better would be to take up a new hobby which puts you in touch with others, so you can interact socially and enjoy the company of others.

Volunteer for a worthwhile cause 

This is another activity which can give you a sense of purpose, and it can also make you a contributing member of your own local society. It can boost your self-confidence, it can give you a feeling of accomplishment, and it can be a very fulfilling experience. At the same time, you will be providing a needed service to someone in your community who will genuinely benefit by your efforts, so that’s something else to feel good about.

Get more exercise 
Exercising more can bring you a whole new set of benefits. For one thing, you’ll feel better because exercise releases endorphins (the ‘feel-good’ hormones) into your bloodstream and lifts up your spirits. It will also delay the onset of joint stiffness and will keep your body active so that you can enjoy life more. By doing more exercise, you may also be able to avoid slips and falls, which are very common mishaps among seniors.

Improve your sleeping habits 
Older people need just as much sleep as young people do, so if you’re not getting at least seven or eight hours of sleep each night, it can cause you to feel run down and possibly disoriented. Avoid taking daytime naps, because that can be something that keeps you awake at night. Doing more exercise will also help you to be tired at night, so you can enjoy a really good night’s sleep.
If you have a senior in your life that would benefit from these activities, but may need a little help to do them, Gentle Shepherd Home Care can help.  We offer many services for Senior Home Care and can assist with exercise and socialization. 
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