Fun Ways for Seniors and Grandchildren to Bond

grandmother with young grandson looking at photos
Taking care of seniors and connecting with grandparents during COVID-19 doesn’t have to be any different than during normal times, except younger persons need to be extra careful about exposing their senior loved ones to the disease. Given that seniors are the most vulnerable age group to the disease, elderly care with regard to grandchildren has to be cautious, but can still be fun for all parties involved.

Here are some ways seniors can stay connected with their loved ones. 

Have a movie night 
Since going out to movie theaters is still risky during the pandemic, why not have a special movie night at home? This is a great time for grandparents to recall their childhood, and watch some animated films with grandchildren who still find them fascinating and adorable. You can add to the fun by making popcorn together, or making your own special refreshments for watching the movie.

Whip up a family recipe
There might be a special family recipe you haven’t made in a while, and bonding with your grandchildren could be a great way to resurrect that recipe and have some fun at the same time. Your grandkids will probably love the opportunity to create something special with you, and they’ll feel like they’re part of a project, so they’ll enjoy the whole experience, including the finished result.

Grow a garden
Growing a garden with your grandchildren can be a great way of bonding with them, because you will share a common purpose in watching life emerge from seeds or tiny plants. If your grandchildren live close by, they can participate in daily watering and weeding, and times of applying fertilizer. They’ll be especially pleased when they see the results of all their labors, and see some fresh vegetables or flowers begin to grow.

Teach each other
There are many things that young people can teach elders about their current experiences, just as there are quite a few things that elders can pass along to their less experienced grandchildren. An exchange of information can be both fun and enlightening for both parties, and both will have wonderful learning opportunities from these exchanges.

The process of creating a scrapbook is always enjoyable, because it literally involves the preservation of fond memories. As each page is created, it calls for some new experience to be preserved for the future, and the scrapbook itself will become the repository of many happy hours spent together. 

Treasure hunts
Treasure hunts can be great fun for both young and old, as both seek the specified items to complete the hunt. Some treasure hunts involve following clues to find the items, while others just call for finding them as fast as possible. Either way, it can be a tremendous experience for youngsters and elderly, as they strive to accomplish their objective.

Walks in the park
There’s something intrinsically enjoyable about taking a walk in a natural setting and relating to the great outdoors. As you stroll through the park with your grandchildren, you may have an opportunity to feed the ducks in a pond, or to observe the gathering of pigeons along a fence top. Just listening to the sounds and seeing the sights provided by nature can be a deeply satisfying experience to share with your grandchildren.
Gentle Shepherd Home Care provides care to seniors, allowing them to stay in their homes and enjoy their families and grandchildren.  If your loved one needs care in their home, contact us for a complimentary care assessment.  
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