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Caring for Seniors with Diabetes

Approximately 12 million Americans have diabetes, the majority aged 65 and above. Diabetes generally leads to a greater risk of early mortality, lower quality of life, isolation, and being institutionalized. Caring for seniors with diabetes can be complicated, particularly if they suffer from other diseases that also require specialized care. Below you’ll learn more about …

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Senior Medication Management

Medication Management for Seniors

Many seniors take a variety of medications including prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and possibly some supplements as well. When a senior requires multiple doses throughout the day, medication management becomes much more important. The proper doses of the right medication must be administered at the right intervals for the senior patient to maintain good health. …

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Caring for Seniors with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur more frequently with seniors than any other demographic, with people over 75 more likely to experience a TBI resulting in hospitalization or death. The highest mortality rates belong to seniors, partly because they are the most vulnerable to falls with serious head injury. Followup care for seniors with a TBI …

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New Findings in Parkinson’s Disease Research

Parkinson’s disease is a brain and body disorder that can affect some men and women at later stages in their lives. Even individuals with the best possible in home senior care in Colorado Springs may receive a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. Most individuals with elderly care needs and their families learn to adapt to this disease’s …

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