Caring for Seniors with Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur more frequently with seniors than any other demographic, with people over 75 more likely to experience a TBI resulting in hospitalization or death. The highest mortality rates belong to seniors, partly because they are the most vulnerable to falls with serious head injury. Followup care for seniors with a TBI often requires in-home senior care, because the patient needs constant observation and assistance with normal daily tasks.  

What are traumatic brain injuries? 

A TBI is an injury affecting the brain, caused by some blunt force trauma to the head. At the moment of impact, the brain crashes violently back and forth in the skull, and this can cause bleeding, bruising, and the severing of nerve fibers. Some of the most common types of TBIs include:

  • penetrating TBI – the protective membrane around the brain gets damaged
  • skull fracture – this could cause serious injury to the brain, and it also leaves open the possibility of infection
  • brain hemorrhage – a burst artery in the brain which produces localized bleeding
  • intracranial hematoma – a blood vessel within the brain gets ruptured as a result of the impact
  • contusion – bruising of the brain tissue, which generally results in mild bleeding
  • concussion – the brain is forced to move in the direction of the force which hits your head, until it crashes against the skull
  • subdural hematoma – blood collects outside a ruptured vessel, and accumulates in the dura (protective membrane).

Caring for seniors with TBI

Depending on the severity of the TBI, temporary or permanent renovations to the home may be required to make it safe for your senior loved one. Arranging for in-home care, and an experienced caregiver who understands the needs of TBI patients can expedite recovery and prevent hospital readmission. Gentle Shepherd Home Care of Colorado Springs provides specialized care for seniors in the comfort of their own home.  Our caregivers can help advise of any home modifications needed to keep your loved one safe. 

Our trained professional caregivers can help prevent future falls, providing care and a safe home environment.  If speech therapy or physical therapy is needed, we can oversee that your senior has proper treatment.  Any special needs your may senior have can also be managed by our caregivers.  If a doctor’s care is ever needed, we can promptly arrange for transportation and ensure all appointments are kept. If your senior loved one is suffering from a TBI, contact us to learn how we can help in their recovery. 
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