Caregiver of 2023 | Terry

Terry Mackay was recognized as our caregiver of the month in May 2023 and also selected as our caregiver of the year for 2023! Terry

Caregiver of the Month | Qiong

Our January Caregiver of the month is Qiong W. Qiong came to GSHC with minimal background in caregiver, but the biggest heart and will to

Heart Health for Seniors

As you traverse into the golden years, heart health becomes increasingly important for maintaining a high quality of life. Your heart, your steadfast companion throughout

Caregiver of the Month | Mattie

Mattie is our caregiver of the month for December 2023. Mattie has been a pillar of excellence since her very start with GSHC. Mattie’s experience

Benefits of Respite Care

Caring for a loved one who is ill, elderly, or has a disability can be a rewarding but challenging experience. The demands of providing constant

Advocating for your Loved Ones’ Care

As our loved ones age, the importance of being their advocate becomes increasingly significant. Whether it’s a parent, grandparent, or another cherished family member, taking

Caregiver of the Month | Jackie

Jackie Harper is our November Caregiver of the month. Jackie has a personality that no one can frown around. She is sweet, caring, and full

Caring for Seniors with Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a very dangerous lung infection that causes more than a million hospitalizations and 50,000 deaths per year. Patients of any age can be